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Why Asphalt Paving Is Ideal For Your Business

If you own or lease a commercial property and want to improve it as much as possible, chances are good that you could benefit from working with an asphalt paving company. Once you meet with a professional from a good local asphalt paving service, you can find out more about what these companies can offer for you and your commercial property. These are just some reasons why you might want to work with one of these companies. Read More 

4 Smart Tips For Planning For An Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can make a great addition to your yard. It can create a warm and inviting place for people to gather in the evening and can become one of the focal points of your backyard design. With the right planning, an outdoor fireplace can bring more fun to your home. Smart Tip #1: Consider Safety When Choosing Where to Place Your Fireplace When it comes to setting up an outdoor fire location, you want to carefully consider where you can safely place the fireplace. Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire Demolition Services Professionals

Television shows make it look like a snap to rip out old cabinets and tear out old floors. However, in the real world of home renovation, there are a lot of things that could go wrong during a demolition, which is why working with professionals matters. Here are three reasons to hire demolition services professionals.  1. Keep Protected Structures Safe What do you do if you want to rip out some items and leave others completely intact? Read More 

What To Know About Getting And Maintaining Wood Flooring

Although there are many options in flooring, wood is still a popular choice. Natural wood flooring gives your home warmth and charm. Here are some things to know about choosing the type of wood flooring for your home and how to install and maintain it. Options In Wood Flooring There are several species of wood used in flooring. You can find light colors, dark colors, and rich grains, so you can choose flooring you find attractive. Read More 

Six Ways Truss Roof Design Can Help Save Money

There are numerous benefits to opting for a truss roof on your building construction project. One of the biggest benefits is that this type of roof can save you money. The following are six of the most important ways that a truss roof design can help save you money on your building project.  Reduced cost of materials There are numerous cost-saving material advantages to building trusses for your roof. For one thing, timber is typically used in truss roof construction. Read More 

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Meet Zane Zanda

My name is Zane Zanda, and welcome to my site on construction! Although I'm not a professional, I first became interested in construction topics a few years ago when my wife and I were building our dream home. But, interestingly enough, it wasn't the actual construction process that lit the spark. It was actually fire sprinklers. When my wife and I, were talking to our contractor about getting the permits for our house, we were informed that the square footage of our house was so large that we would actually be required to install fire sprinklers in the ceiling! I thought that was so strange, but of course we complied. As I started looking at all the different construction laws, I knew I was hooked.