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Upgrading Your Home With The Addition Of Awnings

For homes that do not have much shade on the surrounding property, it can be difficult to use spend time in the yard when the weather is hot or the sun especially intense. An awning can help to address this problem, but it is easy for homeowners to overlook this option and assume that they will have to plant trees to provide their property with shade. Will You Have A Variety Of Aesthetic Options For Your Awnings? Read More 

Protecting Your Crew: Road Work Zone Equipment Essentials

When it comes to doing road work, it's important to make sure your crew remains safe at the job site. Having the right safety equipment can go a long way toward keeping them safe from potential accidents and injuries. Here are some pieces of essential equipment you should have on hand to avoid accidents. Light Trailers Light trailers serve as temporary traffic signage, and they help motorists merge over to the left or right before the work zone begins. Read More 

Destroy And Remove English Ivy Vines

English ivy is known for its shiny dark green leaves and ability to cling to tree trunks, vinyl siding, and just about any other outdoor surface that is relatively sturdy. Because ivy vines tend to rob plants and trees from receiving enough sunlight and can conceal the beauty of your home's structure, destroying and removing the vines is in your best interest. Cut Through Vines And Apply A Brush Killer Read More 

Safely Clearing The Area For Gas Line Installation

Installing a gas line for a new home is a necessity. It is best that installation happens well before people move into the home. The trouble is, sometimes the home building and the gas installation must take place at the same time. In this case, it is a requirement to be careful to make sure that no one gets in the way of the line. Here are three things to do in order to safely install a gas line for a new home. Read More 

Want To Clean Up Your Landscaping? Start By Trimming Your Bushes And Trees

If your landscaping looks out of sorts, there are many things you can do to clean things up. This will make your landscaping look much better. Two things to start with is trimming your bushes and trees. Below is more information about this so you can enjoy your landscaping. Trim Bushes How you trim your bushes depend on when they flower or have new growth. For example, if you have bushes that bloom in the spring you need to trim them right after they stop blooming. Read More 

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Meet Zane Zanda

My name is Zane Zanda, and welcome to my site on construction! Although I'm not a professional, I first became interested in construction topics a few years ago when my wife and I were building our dream home. But, interestingly enough, it wasn't the actual construction process that lit the spark. It was actually fire sprinklers. When my wife and I, were talking to our contractor about getting the permits for our house, we were informed that the square footage of our house was so large that we would actually be required to install fire sprinklers in the ceiling! I thought that was so strange, but of course we complied. As I started looking at all the different construction laws, I knew I was hooked.