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What To Know About Getting And Maintaining Wood Flooring

Although there are many options in flooring, wood is still a popular choice. Natural wood flooring gives your home warmth and charm. Here are some things to know about choosing the type of wood flooring for your home and how to install and maintain it.

Options In Wood Flooring

There are several species of wood used in flooring. You can find light colors, dark colors, and rich grains, so you can choose flooring you find attractive. The planks come in different widths too, and the size of the planks have an effect on the appearance of your room.

Another important difference in types of wood flooring is the hardness rating. Softwoods are scratched more easily, so you may want harder woods when you have dogs or kids that could scratch the floors. Consider your lifestyle and decor when choosing the right type of wood flooring for your home.

Installation Methods For Wood Flooring

You can choose wood planks that are prefinished at the factory, or you can have the planks finished at home after they're installed. Buying prefinished planks has some advantages. You'll be able to use your floors quicker, and you'll have less dust and fewer fumes to contend with if you don't have to finish the flooring after it's installed.

Wood planks can be nailed or stapled to the floor. The planks can also be glued down. Floating wood planks by clicking them together is another possibility, but this is usually done with engineered planks. The flooring store can help you choose the right planks and installation method based on your subfloor and where the flooring will be installed.

Maintenance Techniques For Your New Wood Floor

It's important to keep your wood floor dry. Don't wet mop it. Instead, vacuum or dry-mop your floor and use a spray cleaner made for wood floors. By dusting the floors regularly, you'll keep grit off the floor that can cause scratches.

Other ways to avoid scratching include trimming your dog's nails, putting soft pads under chair legs, and placing rugs near your door and other high-traffic areas. If scratches do occur, they can be sanded out, and a new finish can be applied so that the floor looks new again.

Sunlight can affect wood flooring too. UV rays can cause a color change, so you may want to block the sun from shining through your windows and hitting the floor. You may also want to change the position of furniture and rugs in your rooms so the flooring fades uniformly over the years.

Wood floors can last for decades, and if you care for your flooring carefully, it will look good for many years so that you can postpone having to restore or refinish the wood.

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