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The Essential AC Maintenance To Winterize Your AC For Cold Weather And Winter Storms

Soon, the winter storms will be at your door, and you want to be prepared. The exterior of your home is vulnerable, but so are mechanical systems. Therefore, you want to make sure that the maintenance is done to your AC to prepare for the cold weather. The following essential maintenance guide will help you prepare your AC for the winter weather that is on its way.

Cleaning the AC Unit, Ducts, and Vents to Prepare for Colder Weather This Winter  

One of the first things that you want to do is clean the ducts. When cleaning the ducts, you also want to check the vents to make sure that dampers have been adjusted for heating and change all the filters in your home. This will ensure that your system is working efficiently during the cold winter months and ready for spring when you need your AC again. 

Checking the Thermostat, Changing Batteries, and Upgrading Before Temperatures Get Colder 

Secondly, you want to check the thermostat to make sure it is ready for the winter months. Check the batteries to make sure that they have been changed and make sure that the program settings have been changed for your winter heating needs. In addition, you may want to upgrade your thermostat if it is outdated to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.  

Repairing Ducts and Sealing Your Home to Stop Air Leaks and Energy Loss Throughout the Year  

There are also problems with air leaks that can cause energy loss in your home. To stop these problems, you are going to want to repair any damage to the ducts to make sure you are ready for winter. In addition, seal any air leaks and do improvements like the encapsulation of your crawl space. Doing this maintenance will ensure your heating and cooling is efficient by stopping energy loss from air leaks.  

Inspecting, Repairing, and Winterizing Your AC Unit to Prepare for the Winter Storms and Cold Temperatures 

Lastly, you are going to need to inspect your AC system and do any repairs to ensure it is ready next spring. Do the repairs before winterizing the AC condensing unit. When you winterize your AC, you want to clean and plug condensation lines and make sure that covers allow for ventilation to allow moisture to escape.  

These are some tips that will help you prepare for the winter weather that is on its way with the right AC maintenance and winterization. If you need help preparing your HVAC for the winter months, contact an AC maintenance service and talk to them about what needs to be done before the first winter storm arrives.

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