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Have An Elevator In Your Commercial Building? Why You Need To Ensure Proper Routine Maintenance

If you have an elevator in your commercial building, you can't afford to postpone those service calls. Failing to properly care for your elevator could put you at risk for a wide variety of problems, including serious accidents and injuries. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to ensure proper elevator maintenance.

Pass Your Inspections

If your building contains at least one elevator, you need to worry about the annual inspections. State and federal government regulations require that all commercial elevators receive annual inspections. Failing an inspection means that your elevator will be taken out of commission until the necessary repairs can be made. If your elevator needs substantial repairs, it could be out of commission for quite some time. The best way to avoid that situation is to ensure proper maintenance throughout the year.

Avoid Code Violations

When it comes to your inspections, you don't just need to worry about the actual elevator; you also need to worry about the elevator control room. That's the main hub that controls the operation of your elevator. If the inspector discovers problems in your control room, you could be hit with code violations, which can come with hefty fines and penalties. To avoid those code violations, you need to have your elevator serviced at least once a year, preferably before your scheduled inspections.

Reduce Risk of Failure

If you're not having your elevator serviced at least once a year, your system is at risk for failure. Unfortunately, if your elevator fails while you have passengers on-board, you could be liable for any accidents or injuries that result from the failure. This is particularly true if it can be proven that you didn't have your elevator serviced as often as necessary. To avoid the liability issues, you need to have your elevator serviced at least once a year.

Improve Customer Relations

If your elevator is out of order more often than not, you may have a customer relations nightmare on your hands. Your customers need to know that the elevator is accessible to them at all times, especially those customers who are facing mobility issues. If your elevators aren't working properly, the issues could begin to affect your business. To ensure good customer relations, make sure your elevator is fully-functioning at all times.

Don't take chances with your elevator. To make sure that your elevator is in good working order, be sure to schedule your routine maintenance, as needed.

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