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Refinishing Your Home's Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a popular option due to its beautiful aesthetics and durability. Typically, the most aesthetically important part of a hardwood floor will be its finish. Unfortunately, the finish can be part of the floor that is prone to sustain the most intensive wear. This can lead to a need to have the floors periodically refinished.

Is It Worth The Costs To Hire Professionals To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Individuals will often assume that hiring a professional to refinish their floors will be a waste of money. Often, this is due to assume that this work is little more than using a mechanical sander to remove the previous finish before applying the new finish. However, this is a vast oversimplification of this work, and individuals can quickly find themselves overwhelmed when they are only partly complete. In addition to the complexity and labor involved in refinishing a floor, there are many other logistical issues that will also need to be addressed. For example, this can produce vast amounts of dust, and you will need an effective dust control plan in place to be able to prevent it from spreading throughout the home.

What Do You Need To Do To Prepare The Home For Having Its Hardwood Floors Refinished?

While professional hardwood floor refinishing services can remove much of the labor that will be involved with this project, you will still need to prepare the home for this work. In particular, it is advisable to remove all of the items from the room that is being refinished. Often, individuals will attempt to leave pictures or painting on the walls, but it can be easy for equipment to damage them by knocking them off the wall.

How Can You Make Your Newly Finished Hardwood Floors Last As Long As Possible?

Homeowners will often find themselves shocked by the difference refinishing their hardwood floors can make. In order to preserve these results for as long as possible, there are a few steps that can be taken. The most important will be to regularly use a dust mop and hardwood floor cleaner to remove any substances that may get on the wood. Also, you can help to protect the areas of the flooring that sustain the most wear by strategically placing rugs in these areas. Intense sunlight can also breakdown the finish on your hardwood flooring, and you may want to use curtains or window tints to minimize the amount of light that reaches your flooring.

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Meet Zane Zanda

My name is Zane Zanda, and welcome to my site on construction! Although I'm not a professional, I first became interested in construction topics a few years ago when my wife and I were building our dream home. But, interestingly enough, it wasn't the actual construction process that lit the spark. It was actually fire sprinklers. When my wife and I, were talking to our contractor about getting the permits for our house, we were informed that the square footage of our house was so large that we would actually be required to install fire sprinklers in the ceiling! I thought that was so strange, but of course we complied. As I started looking at all the different construction laws, I knew I was hooked.