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Upgrading Your Home With The Addition Of Awnings

For homes that do not have much shade on the surrounding property, it can be difficult to use spend time in the yard when the weather is hot or the sun especially intense. An awning can help to address this problem, but it is easy for homeowners to overlook this option and assume that they will have to plant trees to provide their property with shade.

Will You Have A Variety Of Aesthetic Options For Your Awnings?

It is important to maintain the aesthetics of your property for both its value as well as ensuring you have a home that you can be proud to call your own. Luckily, awnings can be customized in a number of ways to provide homeowners with the right look. This can include fully customizing the color of the awning as well as choosing from a variety of different materials. Some awning providers can even allow you to review sample materials so that you can better anticipate how they will look on your home.

Can You Easily Remove The Awnings When They Are Not Needed?

There may be times when you do not need the awnings. In addition to being unnecessary, the excess shade could also impact the health of any plants that are growing under it. While removing the awnings would be fairly difficult, there are retractable awnings that can be a better option. Furthermore, it is possible to opt for motorized retractable awnings that will be able to be controlled with a remote or central control panel.

How Do You Keep The Awnings Clean?

Cleaning your awnings will be one an easy part of caring for this part of your home. Most of these awnings can be cleaned using garden hoses or pressure washing systems. Failing to keep the awnings clean can contribute to algae growing on them, which may cause highly noticeable discoloration or other damage. Ideally, the awnings should be cleaned each month during the spring and summer, but this will not be needed as frequently during the winter and fall months.

Is A Permit Or Permission From The Homeowner's Association Needed?

It is usually not required for a homeowner to obtain a permit before installing awnings. However, it is still necessary to consult with the local building codes to avoid violating a permitting requirement. Furthermore, homeowner's associations will frequently have rules governing awnings or other visible additions to the home. Checking with your local homeowner's association should provide clarity when it comes to your requirements and obligations that must be met before this upgrade can be completed.

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Meet Zane Zanda

My name is Zane Zanda, and welcome to my site on construction! Although I'm not a professional, I first became interested in construction topics a few years ago when my wife and I were building our dream home. But, interestingly enough, it wasn't the actual construction process that lit the spark. It was actually fire sprinklers. When my wife and I, were talking to our contractor about getting the permits for our house, we were informed that the square footage of our house was so large that we would actually be required to install fire sprinklers in the ceiling! I thought that was so strange, but of course we complied. As I started looking at all the different construction laws, I knew I was hooked.