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Protecting Your Crew: Road Work Zone Equipment Essentials

When it comes to doing road work, it's important to make sure your crew remains safe at the job site. Having the right safety equipment can go a long way toward keeping them safe from potential accidents and injuries. Here are some pieces of essential equipment you should have on hand to avoid accidents.

Light Trailers

Light trailers serve as temporary traffic signage, and they help motorists merge over to the left or right before the work zone begins. These trailers feature light boards with reversible arrows, so you can choose the right direction for traffic to merge. The light panel on some trailer models can also be angled for better visibility on curved roads. A light trailer typically hooks up to a truck for transport and can be locked into place on the side of the road with legs that extend to the ground. You and your staff can work with the local municipalities to determine placement on the road before work begins to ensure motorists have enough time to move over.

Sign Paddles

You may also need to have one member of your crew direct traffic when you have to move equipment across several lanes of traffic. Sign paddles make it easier to accomplish this task. Reversible paddles feature slow or yield signage on one side and a stop sign on the other. These signs re reflective for better visibility at night and are large enough for drivers to see from a distance. Of course, sign paddles should be used in conjunction with reflective safety vests and other personal protection equipment to ensure optimum safety.

Traffic Barrier Walls

Traffic barrier walls serve a number of purposes at road work construction sites. They can be used to block lanes on expressways or highways where work is underway, and they can also be used to direct the flow of traffic off to one side of the street. These barriers are typically made with impact-resistant materials and feature reflective surfaces for visibility during the day or night. Choose barriers with an interlocking design to create a true wall around your work zone. When in place, traffic barrier walls create a separation from traffic to help your crew work safely on the road next to motorists.

Vertical Traffic Panels

Vertical traffic panels help direct traffic, and their placement also tells motorists that road work is approaching. They can be placed throughout lanes that are closed to prevent vehicles from driving where work is underway, and they can also be used to guide vehicles into merging over to the left or the right. The reflective construction increases visibility, and the upright design makes these panels easy to spot.

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