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Safely Clearing The Area For Gas Line Installation

Installing a gas line for a new home is a necessity. It is best that installation happens well before people move into the home. The trouble is, sometimes the home building and the gas installation must take place at the same time. In this case, it is a requirement to be careful to make sure that no one gets in the way of the line. Here are three things to do in order to safely install a gas line for a new home. 

Unhook all gas items in the home 

In order to safely work on the gas line for a home, the gas should be turned off. If you are working on a brand-new home, there is a possibility that the installation of gas stoves or heaters may be taking place inside. Be sure to turn off anything that utilizes gas by unplugging it or turning it off at the main switch. Leave a written explanation near any plugs and hookups that explains the gas installation will be going on and not to turn it on throughout the day. Leaving the gas off for the 24-hour period is safest, as you can turn it on when you have finished the pipeline install. 

Set signs at the beginning of the street

It is important that all work trucks and those who may be carrying hazardous materials know that there may be work on an open gas line. This way trucks that may be carrying hazardous materials or large trucks that can get in the way know to reroute themselves. The signs should be placed at any neighborhood entrances and directly on the street where you will be performing the work. Distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood notifying everyone of gas installation if you are working in a community. This will let neighbors know not to perform any car work and to move their vehicles from the street.

Plant flags around the home

It is dangerous for a layperson to dig around in the ground where there could be gas pipes. As the contractor, you will need to identify the space where the pipes are currently exposed. Station orange flags around the open ground near the exposed gas pipes. This will alert the rest of the workers that are around the home to be careful of the area with exposed pipes. It will also allow the crew that is working on the gas line installation know where the exact spaces are to set up or expand the gas line. 

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