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Want To Clean Up Your Landscaping? Start By Trimming Your Bushes And Trees

If your landscaping looks out of sorts, there are many things you can do to clean things up. This will make your landscaping look much better. Two things to start with is trimming your bushes and trees. Below is more information about this so you can enjoy your landscaping.

Trim Bushes

How you trim your bushes depend on when they flower or have new growth. For example, if you have bushes that bloom in the spring you need to trim them right after they stop blooming. If you have bushes that flower in the summer, you should trim them in the winter or in the early spring after the last frost.

If you have bushes that do not flower, you can trim them after the new growth has come in completely. If needed, you can do some light trimming on all bushes throughout the spring and summer.

When you first start trimming use a pair of hedge trimmers or shears to remove thick branches that have overgrown. Then cut any branches from the base that are growing out of shape. Next, cut limbs out of the center of the bush and then remove all branches that look damaged or diseased.

Trim Trees

As a rule, it is best to trim a tree when it is in dormancy, which is in the winter months. Cutting away old growth in the winter will help the tree develop new growth in the spring so your tree will be much healthier. You can trim the trees at the end of winter right before spring as the weather may not be as cold then.

You can also trim trees in the summer when they finish blooming or developing leaves. You may want to trim to shape the tree and to remove broken or dead limbs. Shaping the canopy of the tree correctly will allow sunlight to shine through the tree better and give the tree better air circulation.

If you have trees that flower in the spring, prune the flowers as soon as they fade. This will allow the tree to rebloom again. If your trees flower up until late summer, prune them in winter.

No matter what type of tree you have you should never trim in the fall months. This is because the tree cannot heal wounds as quickly once the weather cools down.

You should never trim a large tree on your own but instead contact a tree trimming service to do this for you. This service can also help you trim your bushes, if you prefer. Visit a site like for more help.

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