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How To Place Yard Sprinklers For Maximum Efficiency

When it's time to install sprinklers, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. The objective of the installation is to ensure that every bit of grass in the yard is watered. However, it's also important to ensure the yard isn't overwatered as this is not only bad for the grass but also wastes water. Additionally, it's important to limit the number of sprinklers used in any given space because this can result in much higher installation costs.

Calculate the Shape and Area of your Yard

The shape and area of your yard are two of the most important factors when it comes to efficient sprinkler placement. The larger the area, the likelier it is that you'll need more sprinklers. However, working with an irregularly shaped yard can be just as challenging as working with a large area.

If your yard is in the shape of a narrow strip, the total area might be small, but you may need special sprinkler systems to water it effectively. Otherwise, you may only have the wasteful approach of using a large number standard sprinklers.

Check the Water Pressure

Water pressure is yet another factor that is important in determining sprinkler placement. If the pressure is low, an individual sprinkler will cover a much small area. This means that even with the most efficient placement, the number of sprinklers used is likely to be higher.

There are pressure gauges that are used in determining the pressure produced by a faucet. You can also do a manual calculation based on the time it takes to fill a container of known volume. If the water pressure is too high, it may also need to be regulated to prevent the water from getting to other parts of the home.

Placing the Sprinklers

The placement of the sprinklers is determined by the shape, area and water pressure. However, the type of sprinkler you're using is also important. Experts recommend that there should be 100% overlap in the sprinkler system or head-to-head spacing. This may not be possible, but with proper placement, you can achieve something close to this.

The calculations needed to achieve this can be difficult especially with non-uniform shapes. The plumbing work may also not be easy. Hiring professional landscapers is a good idea since they're familiar with enough with the job to ensure you get the best possible results from your sprinkler system.

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