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How To Create Your Own Soccer Pitch In The Streets

These days, finding a nice grass or turf soccer field is hard. All of the goals seem to be locked up, or they don't have nets. The grass real estate is always being used for other sports, and the quality of the grass itself is often lumpy, dry, and hard. On top of this, it is hard to find enough people for a good pick up game. But, you can take your games to the street, literally, with portable soccer walls and a street soccer ball. You don't need cleats (in fact, you shouldn't wear cleats), you don't need goals, and you don't need more than a few people.

Create the Perfect Pitch for Your Squad

Portable soccer walls allow you to quickly create a pitch that fits your teams. No matter how many players you have, you can customize your pitch for the game and all the players. These small walls are light and portable. The size of the goal is also adjustable to fit your game, making a portable soccer wall builder a versatile option. They are also compact and they can be quickly blown up with an air compressor to get your game going at the spur of a moment.

What is a Street Soccer Ball?

One essential thing you need to play soccer on your custom street pitch is a street soccer ball. A street soccer ball is about the same size as a futsal ball. This is pretty much a size 4. However, it is different because it is dense and heavy, so it pretty much doesn't bounce at all. This means it is easier to keep the ball within the pitch because it stays on the ground.

Why You Should Play Street Soccer

In America, there is a scarcity of futsal pitches. On the other hand, futsal is very popular in Brazil. Experts say this is the best explanation for why Brazilians have such amazing ball control, and Americans are so far behind in many aspects of the game. All you need is a ball. It doesn't matter where you are, you don't even need shoes or a goal.

With street soccer, you can vastly improve your skills. The game focuses on close control, short passes, and movement. You need to learn how to make space, even when you don't have the ball, on a small pitch.

It is easy to see why portable soccer pitch walls are so popular in America where there aren't many futsal pitches. They allow you to pick up and play anywhere and everywhere.

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Meet Zane Zanda

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