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Learn How to Rent Construction Fencing to Keep a Job Site Safe

When you are working on a job in a busy part of town, you need to be sure that you do whatever you can to protect your equipment by making it difficult for civilians to wander onto the site whenever they choose to. A great way to keep potential thieves away from your equipment is to use construction fencing. The guide below walks you through a few things to take into consideration when renting construction fencing for your next big job.

Consider How Many Feet of Fencing You Need to Create a Perimeter Around the Job Site

Use a measuring wheel to walk around the entire perimeter of the job site. This will allow you to know how many feet of fencing you need to rent to create a barrier to keep civilians from coming onto the site.

Choose Fencing with Concrete Footings

When you rent fencing, there are fences available that have wheels attached to the bottom of them so that they can easily be moved around as needed, and there are fences available that have concrete footings that are very difficult to move. The fencing company will come and set up the fencing for you so that it is properly positioned. When the job is complete, the company will come and pick up the fencing so that you do not have to worry about transporting it anywhere.

Make Sure to Get Any Necessary Permits

There are some jurisdictions that require you to get permits before any fencing can be set up. Some areas may have codes for how tall the fencing can be and how close it can be to city sidewalks. Contact the local building permits office to find out what codes are in place regarding construction fencing and get any necessary permits for having the fencing set up.

Determine for How Long You Will Need the Fencing

Finally, you need to establish approximately how long you will need to use the fencing. Some fencing companies allow you to rent the fencing on a daily basis but will give you a discount if you rent it for a few weeks or a month. You want to be sure that you estimate as closely as you can how long you will need the fencing to ensure you get the best rental rate that you can.

Be sure to lock the gate to the fence every night when everyone leaves the job site. If you leave the gate unlocked, anyone can come onto the site and possibly wreak havoc on the equipment or the site itself.

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