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How To Add Insulation Into Finished Drywall

Do you live in a finished home that has poor insulation? It can be hard to think of ways to add insulation to your property without creating a big mess and spending a lot of money. Of course, the most effective way to add insulation to a completed home is to add fiberglass insulation in the walls, but this requires you to take the drywall off of the studs. This is not really practical unless you are planning on remodeling your walls anyway. Using spray foam, you can add insulation into your walls with much less hassle. This article explains how to add foam insulation on your own.

Before Spraying

First, you want to make sure you get the right type of ventilation. You can use pressurized cans of insulation, but these are too small for this job. Instead, you need buy a foam insulation mixture that you can then apply with a compressed air gun. Most homeowners just rent the gun, because it is not really practical to own one. Before you begin spraying, you need to prepare the wall and make some marks. Use a stud finder to identify the studs within the drywall. Clearly mark the studs near the top of wall. Then, you will need to drill a hole in the center of the gap between each step, near the top of the wall. Make sure your hole is bigger than the nozzle of the spray gun. Usually, drill bits from a standard set will be big enough, because the nozzle is not too wide.

Spraying the Foam

Spraying the foam is simple. However, you'll also likely need to refill the tank because there is so much space within the walls. At a certain point the foam, instead of working its way down and filling in the gap, will be forced to come out of the hole. Basically, spray until the foam starts to protrude out of the hole.

Finishing the Job and Hiding the Holes

All that is left to do at this point is to fill the holes with drywall putty and paint over them. You might need to do a little bit of sanding to flatten the putty once it dries. Also, the filled hole might not look great if you don't have the exact paint replacement.

In the end, spray foam insulation can greatly increase the heat retention of your walls. As an added bonus, it will also improve the soundproofing within your home. For professional help, contact a service like Mincin Insulation Service Inc.

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