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Barrel Heater Repair: Three Things You Can Do To Extend The Life Of Your Barrel Heaters

As a construction contractor, you undoubtedly rely on barrel heaters to keep fluids and semi-solids just the right temperature. When a barrel heater begins to fail, it becomes a costly headache to replace. Here are three things you can do to extend the life of your barrel heaters and avoid buying brand-new ones.

Replace the Tension Springs

The tension spring is what keeps the barrel heater on the barrel. If you have a tension spring or two that looks a little stretched out and worn for the wear, it is in your business's best interests to replace these springs so that the barrel heaters remain tightly and firmly around the barrels they are supposed to heat. Thankfully, tension springs are easy enough to come by, as even a storm door tension spring is a reasonable substitute in a pinch.

Seal Holes in the Heater Bands

Sometimes rodents like to chew off little pieces of the plastic covering from the bands of the barrel heaters. When it happens in winter, it can become a hazard to your crew because it exposes some of the internal heating coils and wiring to the wetness and/or snow on your construction site. If you are performing regular inspections of the barrel heaters and spot some small holes that rodents have made, you can take some wide width electrical tape and wrap those areas. (Take care to make sure the electrical tape can also handle the amount of heat produced by the barrel heaters.) Then the holes the rodents created are sealed and the heater bands are no longer a danger to your crew.

Replace the Thermostat's Parts

The thermostats on your drum or barrel heaters are similar to the heaters in your trailer or your home. The dials turn up and down to adjust the heat. Their internal equilibrium is sensitive enough to measure temperature up and down by a few degrees, and if the thermostats begin to fail, you will notice quite the contrast in the contents within the affected barrels. Companies that sell barrel/drum heaters may have some of the smaller internal and external parts, such as the dial adjuster and thermostat encasement. You may be able to buy these parts and do some minor repairs on the thermostats. (If the barrel heaters still do not work after you or one of your crew has completed the minor repairs on the thermostats, then it is time to replace the barrel heater entirely.) Contact a company like McLaughlin Air Conditioning Co Inc. for more information.

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