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Three Questions To Ask When Renting A Dumpster For Your Fundraising Event

Organizing a scrap metal drive is a common way to raise money for a group in your community. Whether you're part of a service group, youth organization or sports team, collecting these goods from neighborhood donors, and then getting paid for the collection's weight at a waste-processing facility, can provide funds to help your organization operate. When you're planning the event, one of the key elements is renting a roll off dumpster in which to collect the goods. Typically, you'll have the dumpster dropped off at a specific location and once it's filled, you'll arrange for the waste services company to pick it up. Before you agree to the rental, make sure to ask these three important questions.

Can You Provide A Dumpster With Walk-In Doors?

Given the nature of your fundraiser, you'll likely be receiving pieces of scrap metal that are big and bulky. Ask if you can rent a dumpster with walk-in doors; many dumpsters are built with a pair of doors at one end that swing open on heavy-duty hinges. Opening the doors will allow you to carry any heavy goods directly into the dumpster, saving you from the difficult or impossible task of trying to throw things over the edge.

Can I Book The Pickup Time Right Away?

Because fundraisers of this nature typically take place in a public area, such as a parking lot, you don't want to have to leave the dumpster in the space after the fundraiser is done. If you know the fundraiser lasts until 4 p.m., for example, ask if you can book the pickup at the time that you rent the dumpster. This approach is best, as the truck should arrive soon after the event winds up, which means you won't have to leave the dumpster and you won't have to wait around for the truck to arrive later.

How Will You Protect The Ground From Damage?

Given that you'll often be in a parking lot generously donated by a local business, the last thing you want is for the dumpster to cause damage to the asphalt. Before you book the rental, ask the company's representative what steps are taken by the driver to prevent damage to the ground. Reputable companies make sure to reduce the risk of an issue by placing wood on the ground before lowering the dumpster into place. This approach prevents the sharp, heavy corners of the dumpster from digging in to the asphalt.

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