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Common Questions Concerning Land Surveying Answered

Determining where property lines begin and end can be a highly complex task, and it is common for homeowners to be poorly informed about this topic. Not surprisingly, this can lead to them needing a couple of questions concerning land surveying answered. After having the following two questions answered, you should find that you have a more thorough understanding about land surveying, which will make you a more informed homeowner.

What Should You Do If Your Neighbor Is Challenging Your Property Line?

Unfortunately, it is fairly common for there to be disputes between neighbors over the exact boundaries of the property lines. During these disputes, the neighbor may or may not have had an official land survey conducted. In instances where the neighbor had a land survey conducted that you dispute, you should immediately contact a real estate attorney and a land surveyor. By having your own survey done, you will be able to verify or legally dispute the building projects.

What Should You Expect From Working With A Professional Land Surveyor?

You may feel somewhat uncertain about hiring a land surveyor because you do not understand what to expect. However, working with these professionals is a simple and convenient task. In most cases, the homeowner will not be required to be home when this survey is being done to the property. As long as the without can access the entire property, they will be able to perform their task, which means you should make sure that any fences, gates or other barriers are unlocked or you give the surveyor a key.

The surveyor will tour the boundaries of the property and take an assortment of GPS measurements of important markers on the property, such as streams and roads. These measurements will be compared to local government records. Depending on the size of the property, this process can take anywhere from a single day to over a week to complete. Fortunately, the surveyor will be able to provide an estimated time to completion in the original quote to give you an idea of how long it will take to receive the results from the survey.

Knowing the boundary lines to your real estate is critical for a number of reasons. However, it is an unfortunate fact that there are some homeowners that are not informed about what to do when a dispute over property boundary lines arises or what they should expect when using these services. After learning about these two answers to common questions about land surveying, you will find that you are far better informed about how these services.  

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