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Surviving Drought Conditions In The United States

California farmers may lose almost three billion dollars due to severe drought conditions in 2015. Although the agricultural community is exempt from the mandatory 25% water reduction regulations that recently took effect in that state, farmers are actually cutting back their water usage at a higher rate than that. Other residents are also suffering from the drought and will definitely have to cut back on their water use or find alternative water sources. If you live in California or another state where drought conditions exist, you should consider tapping into the available groundwater by digging a well.

The Dig

well-digging boom has been one result of the current California drought. Although you may opt to dig your own well, hiring a professional service is a good idea. They can make certain that permits are in order and determine the correct place to dig.  If you are not knowledgeable about the process, your yard could end up looking like a giant dog's playground. Most wells are dug by a drill rig mounted on a large truck that is capable of digging wells over 1,000 feet deep. Once the well is dug, a pump is placed at the bottom of it to carry the water to the surface. 


The lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are the first to go when a drought hits. Although the groundwater supply long outlasts that of surface water, eventually it also has to be replenished by precipitation. The supply might be in danger if too many other people draw upon the supply. Once the level of water will not reach your pump, your well will go dry.  Although wells are a partial solution to water shortages, even they cannot outlast an extremely long drought. They will also require maintenance from companies that perform pump and well repair, so you will incur some additional expenses.


Wells can be used for irrigation on a limited basis. If you have a well, you can hook it up to your sprinkler system and use that water to maintain your landscaping or garden. This method works well if you are subject to water use restrictions. Your well is an excellent source of supplemental water but may not be able to fulfill all your water needs. Untreated water from the well may not be safe to drink, so you might want to purchase a treatment system.

Not so long ago, many people relied on a well for their household water. Now most people are connected to a municipal water supply, but in the case of severe droughts like the one in California, wells can help tide you over until the rains return. For more information about pumps and wells, visit A&W Welltech.

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