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Maximize Your Fun And Your Security - Options In Screens For Your Pool Enclosure

Installing a pool at your home can be very exciting and an excellent way to utilize all of your space, but it also comes with a variety of challenges. One of the least frequently considered of these is the difficulty that comes with keeping your pool covered so you can enjoy it under all circumstances.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the options available in screens for a pool enclosure. Having this information in mind will allow you to pick the screen that best fulfills the needs of you and your loved ones, and can help guarantee that you can enjoy your pool as much as possible.

Solar Screens

It comes as no surprise that a large percentage of pools are installed at homes located in warm climates. However, in extreme environments, that sun can actually work against your enjoyment. Not only can your water increase to an uncomfortable temperature, but you also will go through chemicals much faster when they evaporate under direct sunlight.

Specially designed solar screens will work to moderate the amount of warmth that enters your water while also screening off dangerous UV rays. This will maintain the water characteristics that you desire while simultaneously providing protection for your skin under an uncompromising sun.

Privacy Screens

Pool enclosures like those from a company like Lightning Custom Screens Inc aren't always installed in order to keep your pool physically secure. For adults who are seeking privacy for themselves or for parents who want to control access to their children, enhancing that privacy can be a very pressing concern.

Privacy screens can be installed which will allow a comfortable exchange of air across the surface of your pool while simultaneously hiding you and your pool guests from view. These screens can also help contain the amount of light and noise that comes from your pool area, allowing you to use it at all times of day without disrupting your neighbors.

Pet Screens

The family pet can be a valued part of enjoying a backyard experience, but around the pool, they can also be a source of concern. If you want to make sure your pet doesn't accidentally stumble into a body of water that they're unprepared for, a pet screen can keep them securely away from the pool. They can also work in reverse and be engineered to protect your pool while simultaneously allowing your pet to come and go as it pleases, letting he or she bask in the sun and dry themselves when they need to. 

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