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3 Handy Tools For Maintaining Your Commercial Drinking Fountain

If you don't want customers at your business to get distracted by thirst, a commercial drinking fountain is essential. But while maintaining a drinking fountain isn't radically different than maintaining other plumbing equipment, there are nonetheless specific challenges that need to be overcome. In order to maintain your commercial drinking fountain to the best of your ability, keep these three handy tools in your business.

Disinfectant Wipes

Since your drinking fountain is used by such a wide variety of people on a busy day, it's bound to collect lots of dust and germs. Fortunately, disinfectant wipes allow you to clean the surface of your fountain with little effort. Even better, your fountain will be ready for operation again as soon as you're done cleaning.

There's no need to give each side of your drinking fountain more than one determined wipe. As long as you press hard enough on all surfaces the first time, subsequent wipes will only make your fountain unnecessarily slippery without cleaning anything.

Spare Condenser Fan

Commercial drinking fountains cool down water by running it through a cooling coil and breaking it up into vapor. In order to turn the water vapor back into liquid, a condenser fan powered by a motor is used.

Relative to the other moving parts in your drinking fountain, the condenser fan tends to break down very often. In order to minimize the time that your drinking fountain will be out of action if the condenser fan breaks down, keep a spare fan on hand. As long as you also have a screwdriver, finding and replacing your fountain's condenser fan won't be too difficult.

Handheld Dust Collector

No matter what you do, your drinking fountain's interior will collect a lot of dust. While you could use a simple dust cloth to clean the surfaces of your fountain's parts, some areas will be very difficult to reach with your hands.

Since even a handheld dust collector will set you back a significant amount of money, it's understandable if you're reluctant to buy one. But if you're serious about maximizing the efficiency of your drinking fountain, a dust collector is invaluable. You'll be able to both reach the tightest corners and collect a significantly higher percentage of the dust in your fountain than you can with a dust cloth.

A sudden problem with your commercial drinking fountain will be very frustrating for both you and your customers. Don't underestimate how useful it can be to prepare for fountain problems beforehand by getting the right tools. For more information on plumbing supplies, visit Beebe Inc.

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