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Exploring The Benefits Of Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostats

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are a fairly new option in the programmable thermostat market. The connectivity feature alone is beneficial because it will increase your utility bill savings each month. There are a number of other reasons why this type of thermostat is perfect for homeowners as well.

Complete Control of the Temperature in Your Home

Individuals enjoy internet-enabled thermostats because they can be in complete control of the temperature of their homes. Though programmable thermostats allow users to set a daily schedule, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats give users a greater level of flexibility. With ordinary programmable thermostats, you can set the times you would like temperatures to change on a daily basis. Suppose you get off work early or one of your children has to come home early. With Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, you can change the temperature in your home before anyone arrives.

Equipped with Free Smartphone Applications

Another perk of Wi-Fi-enabled devices is that they often come with their own free apps that can be installed on smartphones and tablets. This makes it easy for you to adjust the temperature without physically going to the thermostat. This is especially useful on cold winter mornings. If the normal program is set to warm up at 7 AM, but you are up at 5:30 AM, you can get up and start your morning early in comfort. Simply open the app, change the temperature, and wait a few minutes for your furnace to heat up the house.

Can Send You Maintenance Reminders

Another perk of these modern thermostats is that they can send users reminders about routine maintenance. A lot of people forget all about the filter that needs to be changed on the furnace. A Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat can send a reminder to your mobile device or email to remind you to change the filter when it is time. This is an especially helpful feature if you happen to be a landlord of multiple properties.

Sends High and Low Temperature Alerts

A final benefit of Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats is they can send high or low temperature alerts. This benefit is invaluable for property owners. If a property is vacant, the furnace will probably be off. If temperatures drop too low, stagnant water in the pipes could freeze, causing thousands of dollars of damage. With your Wi-Fi thermostat, you would know when you need to turn the furnace on to prevent this from happening.

A Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat is a great investment for individual homeowners and business owners. If you choose to purchase one of these modern thermostats, check with your local utility company (such as Artie's Heating & Air Inc) for rebates and discounts to which you may be entitled. 

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