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Four Things You Will Want To Know When Wiring A New Home With Electrical Systems

There are many things that go into building a new home, such as mechanical systems that need to be installed. Many of these systems require electrical wiring. This wiring includes things like lighting and electrical outlets and can also include the installation of home networking wires and outlets, as well as basement electrical installations. If you are having a new home built, here are four things to consider when an electrician. like Dunedin Electric, is wiring your home:

1. Wiring Your Home For Networking And Automation

One of the things that you will want to have done when you are installing electrical wiring in your home is run the wires for home networking. You may also want to consider having this done with plastic electrical conduits. Conduits will make it easy to change the wiring for your home network as technology changes, such as changing CAT-5 cable for fiber optic cabling or other faster network cables that may be used in the future.

2. Adding Extra Outlets And Wiring For Appliances

When you are wiring your home, you may also want to have extra outlets installed for appliances in your home. There are areas like a home office, where you may want to have the electrical wiring installed for equipment like printers, computers, and servers. If you are big on cooking, you may want to add extra outlets in the kitchen for mixers and blenders.

3. Preparing An Unfinished Basement With Electrical Wiring 

You can also prepare your basement to be finished at a later date, and have an electrician install all the electrical wiring now. You can have them install a lot of the wire in conduits to protect it from moisture and water in your basement. You may want to have cover plates installed on any of the wiring that is not connected to the electrical system yet.  By having the basement wired when you build your home, you will save time and money when you do finish your basement.

4. Panels, Sub-Panels, And Your Electrical Service

When you are installing your electrical system, you also want to consider the service panels. You will want to have a panel that can allow you to easily add electrical outlets to your system, with extra space for more breakers. You may also want to consider sub-panels for areas like basements, garages, and shops, which will allow you to turn off service to these areas and work on electrical systems or do repairs.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when you are having your home wired for electrical installations. If you want help with the installation of the electrical systems in your home, contact a professional electrical contractor to get the help you need.

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